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Emerald Verse: why such a hype?

The beta launch of the Emerald Verse marketing platform caused a surge of excitement. Already in the first few days, the application received 60,000 registered users. And the project was not even advertised anywhere.

The Emerald Verse Metaverse is a next-generation gaming platform. It harnesses the benefits of gamification, the glamor and efficiency of AR, and the power and transparency of blockchain technology.

They say that EV is Amazon for crypto projects which aim to rapidly grow their community. The engagement rate (it shows the involvement of the audience) of Emerald Verse is indeed astonishing! Ready? Statistics show that 30% of users spend 5-6 hours in the app daily! The rest of the users spend ~30 min there each day.

Why is there so much noise around EV?

— Emerald Verse gives the audience to spend time in the metaverse not only with pleasure but also with profit! From the first day here, the community receives rewards in the form of partner or native tokens for viewing AR content, playing AR activities, and also completing various tasks in the real world

— as part of the fight against gray everyday life, EV gamified all the processes taking place on the platform, enriching the user experience and more effectively involving them in various interactions

— here the audience gets various opportunities: P2E blockchain games, virtual items in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), as well as [in development] — staking using smart contracts

Gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and brands get even closer

The EV team has been working hard for several years, solving various technical problems and building ideal business processes. As a result, it was possible to harmoniously combine augmented reality and games, marketing and advertising, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, achieving maximum efficiency and synergy of all components [not spending the Pentagon’s quarterly budget].

From now on, brands can create and provide unique user experience AR cheaper and faster, and users can dive into these digital worlds and earn real money, win NFTs and cool merch (like cool move-to-earn t-shirts that can significantly increase in-game income). Emerald Verse currently features 16 cool mini-games in which you can collect tokens in the AR mode.

While it is still relatively easy to win coins — do not miss your opportunity! Things might get more complicated soon.

Follow the profitable event! The TIDEX cryptocurrency exchange, a partner of the platform, has announced the airdrop, in which you can collect coins all around your city by using your smartphone. Just open the map from the application, find coins, and catch them. Look forward to this airdrop! Need more? Wait for an announcement from another amazing partner — Porsche Metaverse. Stay tuned.

Indeed, Emerald Verse is a powerful magnet for any business, brand, or project. The new level of airdrop mechanics delivers outstanding marketing performance (which the absolute majority of the other services are not able to bring, they are not even close). New stunning mechanics are on the way. The team promises to soon introduce them to the community.

A promising real-world augmented reality metaverse opens up a lot of possibilities. In Emerald, users receive rewards in the form of partner tokens for geolocation activities, viewing augmented reality content on product packages, receipts of their retail purchases, participating in AR games, quests, and referrals to the referral program. By the way, brands mint their own tokens directly on the platform. So, for example, your morning run around the area can be a good source of income.

The first event, Beautiful Locations, has already taken place on EV. Users were asked to create a video in an attractive location in their city using AR characters and app effects. People actively share their videos on social networks: the content is really catchy.

By the way, NFT AR galleries will soon appear all over the world in beautiful city places like parks and squares.

Now in the Emerald metaverse, new activities are being launched one after another. Follow their updates in the project’s telegram. Also, new content and features appear on the platform all the time. Ahead there come their own social network, messenger, crypto wallet, and social games of various genres — with and without AR and the possibility to buy their own land. Soon it will be possible to create your own customizable avatars and place them in various parts of the world, adding a message to the audience.

Affiliate program

The project has a 5-level referral program.

To participate, create your own referral code (edited by clicking on the code field) and invite friends to the app, then you can receive % from their findings and purchases in the app. Level 1 — 5%, level 2 — 2.5%, level 3 — 1.25%, level 4 — 0.5%, level 5 — 0.25%.

The affiliate program also allows you to get a business account (a marketing tool for brands) for free. To do this, you need to invite 50 referral users to your network.


Android users were the first to get access to the application, and within a few days, owners of iOS devices joined them. CODE: emrldxtidex. Soon EV will be available on a number of other media.

The marketing of the project will take place in 180 countries of the world. Curious about what benefits users will get!

To follow EV use this Project Multilink.

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